In addition to making flutes, I also play them. The majority of my music is improvisational, though I do occasionally play a song that you might recognize.

Summer 2012 CD

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Song List

  • 1. Caravan Tent — 3:22, recorded 1/2011. This track features my Black Walnut Ahava Rabba Mode flute with some doumbek and tambourine. As you clear the crest of the sand dune, the fading orange light of the setting sun falls on the brightly colored tent. The camels have been fed and watered and are tied a short distance away. The light from within the tent flickers as dancers rhythmically move to the beat of the drum and the melody of the flute.
  • 2. Narra Dreams — 7:18, recorded 1/2011. A beautiful Narra wood flute rides a sea of emotion and dreams.
  • 3. Pan's Parade — 2:06, recorded 1/2011. This upbeat march features a solo Curly Cherry flute whose voice is reminiscent of a pan flute. I received a first place ribbon for the flute in 2007.
  • 4. Singing of the Bowls — 5:35, recorded 1/2011. A singing bowl provides the backdrop for this track. As I traced around the singing bowl, I tapped lightly on the side and with a little echo the sound of a buoy emerged through a thick fog. The Lacewood flute pictured on the Flute is Born page provides the melodic counterpoint to the bowl.
  • 5. Windsong — 7:31, recorded 1/2011. The background of this track was recorded in 2006 in Denmark. I was out early in the morning field recording and came across a windmill that had something wrong with one of it's blades. It made an interesting sound as it rotated. The tempo follows the wind, hence the name Windsong. It was a beautiful sunny morning filled with songbirds. If you listen at around 3:43 into the song, you can hear a jogger pass by on the gravel path that passes by the base of the windmill. The flute is made of Curly Birch and is in the key of E which is somewhat of a stretch for a 3/4 inch bore flute.
  • 6. Big Flute 2 — 6:30, recorded 7/2012. The remainder of the CD features my Maple 1 1/2 inch bore flute (awarded 3rd place in the 2012 Northeast Woodworkers Showcase). It's deep, rich voice echoes unaccompanied through the night air of the Sacandaga Campground, providing a little over 40 minutes of melodic meditation.
  • 7. Big Flute 3 — 6:51, recorded 7/2012
  • 8. Big Flute 4 — 11:31, recorded 7/2012
  • 9. Big Flute 5 — 7:23, recorded 7/2012
  • 10. Big Flute 6 — 7:52, recorded 7/2012

Price and Availability

The initial price of the CD is $5 since I am printing the jackets and burning the CDs myself. The CD is available in Oneonta, NY at the Artisan's Guild and the Crystal Phoenix. I will also have them at events or you can contact me.